Halo Mirror 90 (BT.0090.002.S)

£ 550.00

  • LED backlit mirror
  • Sensor switch with dimmer – install with 15cm clearance from switch
  • Demister pad with independent switch – use only when required saving energy
  • IP44 / ZONE 2
  • PVC safety backed mirror
  • 5 Year Guarantee
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There’s something so lovely about a halo – and these mirrors are certainly lovely. Bright, glowing and gorgeous, they’re so much more than just a mirror… this is atmospheric wall art, at its very best.

But let’s not forget they’re mirrors, so they’re practical too – good light and a great ‘aura’ from the backlit LEDs, plenty of usable mirror space and some attention to detail you possibly won’t even notice…

Additional information

Dimensions 40 × 900 × 900 mm

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