Photos from Maison Objet

A montage of interior inspiration from Maison&Objet 2020

More than just a trade show, MAISON&OBJET is the international authority for home decor, interior design, architecture and lifestyle culture and trends.

Now, you maybe wondering why a bathroom company visited an interiors show with just a minuscule selection of bathroom related products and is writing a review on it.

At Bathroom Origins, we do things differently. We get inspiration from outside our industry. We are influenced by fashion, art and interior direction. Ideas we see now, will be reflected in our bathroomwares product development over the next couple of years.

“What trends in fashion and interiors usually flows into the bathroom in some shape or form.”

So last Friday, we covered 3 halls of the most amazing interiors – flowers, cushions, art, ornaments, furniture & home fragrances.

The overriding themes were;

  • Natural materials, including bamboo, rattan and wicker – think lighting, furniture and storage.
  • Vibrant deep colours – deep greens, burnt oranges and luscious pinks. Cushions, plush sofas, decor were covered in soft velvets.
  • Prints of leaves and animals covered walls and fabrics.
  • Curvy shapes were in abundance from tables, chairs and mirrors.
  • Make a statement pieces, were overflowing – it was all about over-sized and over-exaggerated.

Open Shelving was everywhere…

Open shelving deserves a special mention. Pieces were confidently displayed, there was  no hiding behind close doors here. In fact, open storage would be perfect for the bathroom. A combination of closed storage for items you don’t want to be seen with open shelving to style diffusers, beautiful bottles and sentimental ornaments.

Key Takeaway: Individualism, eclectic, personalisation and anything goes was the feeling from the show.

We loved every minute of it and returned back to the office on an overload of interior inspiration.

Watch this space for new bathroomwares that reflect the ideas and themes we saw at the 2020 show.


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